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The Two Keys (al-Mufftahein; المفتاحين)

The Two Keys (al-Mufftahein; المفتاحين)

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The Two Keys imprint is made in the historic Touqan family workshop in Nablus. The Touqan factory is more than 800 years olds, three stone-built stories tall, and a famous institution of Palestine like the al-Jamal workshop. If al-Jamal has the greatest international recognition, the Two Keys imprint are known for the generous size of their bars which often exceed 5 oz. The Two Keys' primary market is in central Palestine in the areas around Nablus.


Nablus soap is cooked out of olive oil, water, and an alkaline soda compound, resulting in a bar purely composed of saponified olive oil.


Bars measure about 2 x 3 x 3 inches and weigh an average 5 ounces each.

Care Instructions

Olive oil soap gets better with age. Keep them in a dry place for an increasingly olive-tan colored, dense, and sudsy bar. Sun exposure is great for the bars, but will fade the color of the wax-paper wrappers (which are printed with vegetable dyes).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Best soap ever.

I will never use another soap. My skin is softer than it has been in years. The quality is outstanding and each bar seems to ast forever.

Erma Nelson

Very soothing soap! Will purchase again. My skin feels not only clean but soft and subtle.

A lovely, silky soap

I am so enjoying the soap. It has a silky lather, and I love that it is made of such simple ingredients and in such a time-honored way. I bought some extras to share with a few friends.

Tracy Barringer
Pleasantly surprised

Best soap I have used in decades! Cleans really well and moisturizes! Leaves my skin clean and soft.

Julie Powell
Excellent soap

I had to slice the cube in half to use on my hands. Worked well, smells wonderful.Thank you

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