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Nablus Soap Box
Jade Hayes

Nablus Soap Box

Nablus Soap Box
Anna Baez
I love it!

I really like the soap. It leaves my skin super soft and sometimes I use it as a shampoo too! It works perfect. I like the idea of using a product that has not harmful chemicals. Thank you

Nablus Soap Box
Nour Ayache
Great quality

Great product

Soap lasts a long time

Many washes possible from this soap!


I have very sensitive skin... there are very limited amounts of things that I can use on my body especially my bum area that will not break me out and this is one of them... absolutely love this...thank you thank you!!

good soap

so creamy and moisturizing, feels amazing on my skin and makes my skin feel amazing

Nablus Soap Box
Robert Prestage

Nablus Soap Box

Nablus Soap Box
Lesley Meyer
Pure and Simple

I bought a bunch for our home, and to give as stocking stuffers this holiday. We love the quality and simplicity of ingredients. Also, the history and work it takes to make it is something we want support!

good soap

good soap. very longlasting

Nablus Soap Box
Jennifer S
Great soap

Makes my skin feel softer

Nablus Soap Box
Jennifer Johnson

It's the best soap I have ever used!

Good soap

Good Soap

Nablus Soap Box
Lita Lubitsh-White

Gets you clean. The smell could be improved

Dieta time purchase

This was my first time purchasing the soap and I am very happy. I have been using liquid castille soap for years, but wanted to moved toward more sustainability (less water, no plastic container) which is what led me here. Is mild and lasts a long time. The only complaint I have isn’t about the soap but the very high shipping cost and no option for free shipping over a certain purchase amount.

So Happy To Have Found it!!

For the years I lived in Lebanon and Egypt I always used Nabulsi soaps (al Jamal/the Camel) and when I moved back to the US or visited the ME I would stock up. But, my supplies ran out and friends could not visit as much and I was bereft. My skin was sad and dry. I missed the soaps and then one day, I found them online!! Better still these are made in a women's cooperative! For a month or so now I have been back to using my treasured soaps. My shower has the wonderful fresh smell of the soap rather than the cloying scent of so many others. I now am using real soap. My tub has no greasy film on it. My skin is happy. I am happy. Thank you!! Now every time I take a shower it's Yom el Ard/Land Day!

Wonderful! Long lasting, gentle, leaves my skin smooth. Will buy again!

Love this soap

Love this soap. It lathers and cleans well. Rinses off great and doesn’t dry off skin. Love that it’s made in the old traditional way and that it supports Palestine. Great for gifts.

Great soap!!

We LOVE this soap!! It lathers beautifully. And we love that it is so natural with a poetic history.


As an amateur soap maker, I can recognize quality. This soap is well made - balanced so that it is moisturizing while cleansing, long lasting without being flakey and cracking. Even with the naturally hard water of my area, it lathers well and leaves me clean with no residue. I highly enjoy using it, and look forward to purchasing more in the future.

The best soap for my family

We are a family of very different skin types and sensitivities and this soap is the first that we all can use consistently. I will never go back to commercial brand soaps again. Thank you so much!


Love this soap. My skin does not itch like it does w/store bought soap. Will definitely buy again.!

Amazing soap

I saw this on FB and the method and story was amazing. I ordered a shipment and have been using ever since. The soap cleans well, without any reside or irritations.
I have eczema and it works great.

Nablus Soap Box
Elizabeth Bourgeois

I love it. I am squeaky clean after using. There is no soap scum left in the tub.

Squeaky Clean

Great size square of soap. Pleasant fragrance that isn’t perfumed or medicinal smelling. Skin feels clean and not dry or irritated after using. Will buy again.

Highly recommend

I watched the video of these soaps’ production, impressive. This soap lasts a very long time, with a smooth consistency in a nice rustic chunk. I will buy more for my family member with sensitive skin.