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Nablus Soap Box
Dr. D. Wo
Smells good

Smells good doesn’t have perfume in it. Leaves my skin a little dry but it cleans you off real well.

Nice soap

Looks like how it’s advertised. No complaints with shipping.


I love the idea that this soap making tradition is a millennia old. Pros: soap lasts a long while and has a very mild scent
Con: I was hoping it had a bit more scent but it’s almost scent free.

Nablus Soap Box
Sally Munro
Wonderful Soap

Every time I wash my hands with this lovely smooth soap I reflect on where it came from and feel happy that I am supporting an ancient tradition and the Palestinian families living in the West Bank.

Nablus Soap Box
Oron Wettenstein
good except the shape

Everything about this soap is great but the square shape doesnt hold well when lathering and when the soap gets smaller it slips easily out of my hands. I with it had a more traditional soap shape.

Nablus Soap Box
Stephen Megargee
Pleasant soap

The soap is pleasant. I like the feel and scent of it.

Love it and love supporting their buisness.


Love it. It leaves my skin soft and natural, not greasy or dry. I will order more in the future!

Very Moisturizing

I’m in love with this soap and will be ordering again.

Nablus Soap Box
joe rowan
The best soap

Clean rinsing and easy on the skin

I love this soap

I was a huge fan after the first use. This is everything I need in a soap without the extra ingredients. Sometimes less is more

Very nice!

Nablus Soap Box
Robert A.
Terrific soap

Great soap. Wish it had fragrance but will buy it again. Really love it

Nablus Soap Box
Sonita F.
Great Product!

I absolutely LOVE the handmade soaps. My skin feels smoother and silkier since I started using the soap. I have been sharing the soaps with my family and friends and I highly recommend them!

Nablus Soap Box
Tamara DaCosta
Amazing Soap!

My soap is easy to travel with and feels wonderful on my skin. Especially in the winter.

Skin Nourishing

LOVE this soap. I've been suffering with dry, itchy skin from general storebought soaps and had to find something to help. I ordered this soap and will never go back to anything else. It's very nourishing to the skin. No more itching or dryness. The products have a nice, clean, but earthy scent that does not mask any other perfumes or sprays you wish to wear. Love it!

Love my Palestinian soaps 🤗🥰

Gentle on the skin so perfect for anyone with sensitivity issues, wash hands very well, and have a special touch of history and heritage. You support a great cause & a historical soap factory. Absolutely love these soaps and highly recommend them.

The Land (al-Ard; الأرض)

Love this soap

My first order I bought 6 bars of soap. I was so impressed with the soap that I have been giving bars to friends as gifts. I ordered 12 more last week.

Long lasting

Great soap- stands on any side so it doesn’t get super squishy. Lasts much longer than mass production soaps. Love it

Nablus Soap Box
Tanya Rivera
Amazing and worth the money!

I was searching the web for an all natural soap and then I saw an Instagram video on how this soap is made. I was all in. It lathers great, doesn’t dry my sensitive skin and lasts for at least a month.

Best soap ever

Great product

Nablus Soap Box
Felicia Madrid
Great product!

I really enjoyed the scent of this soap. It lathers up well and leaves my skin soft and nice smelling.

Good stuff

As far as I can tell my face has been clear for the most part since I’ve started washing my face with this stuff. 5 stars.

Nice scentless soap

This is a very pleasant soap, not drying. Although it doesn’t foam much, it leaves the skin feeling clean.